The owner of Kitsault is best known for his large medical empire, the Best family of companies, also known as TeamBest®. Below are some of the companies included in the Best family.

Best Medical International Inc. - mother company of TeamBest, founded in 1977 by the owner of Kitsault himself.  This was the first of many investments by this now multi-millionaire.

Best Theratronics Ltd. - formerly part of MDS Nordion, specializing in manufacturing external beam therapy units and self-contained blood irradiators.  Originally based in Canada, Best Theratronics has since expanded into the U.S. and Latin America, among other places.

TeamBest Asia - established for the purpose of distributing TeamBest products to the Asian market.

CNMC Company - TeamBest's leading supplier of products and services, often used for medical physics, radiation therapy, brachytherapy and diagnostic radiology, among other things.  These qualifications were exactly what the Best family needed most when they purchased CNMC in the summer of 2005.

Best Dosimetry Services - manufacturer of dose management devices (dosimeters), currently operating out of CNMC's central office.

Best Medical Canada Ltd. - formerly Thomson-Nielsen, they specialize in manufacturing electronic components such as the MOSFET, a device often used in the measurement of medicinal doses to patients.  Now the Canadian distributor for TeamBest, their head office is located in our National Capital Region, along with Best Theratronics.

Best Cyclotron Systems - a subsidary of Best Theratronics that specializes in the engineering of cyclotrons, a special type of machine used in the creation of radioactive materials required for the treatment of cancer.

Best Particle Therapy - further expands on the concepts of advanced state-of-the-art accelerator technologies and cost-effective solutions for particle therapy treatment and research.  Alternately known as Best Proton Therapy.

Best ABT Moledular Imaging, Inc. - a medical imaging company who markets their own isotope production equipment, recently merged with Best Cyclotron Systems.

Best Automation & Robotics - another new addition to TeamBest, based in Chicago, who specializes in the design and production of factory equipment.

Best Vascular / Novoste - chief supplier of vascular brachytherapy products for TeamBest.  The two companies, once separate, have now been merged into one.  Both share the same web site.

Best Nomos - "Your Single Source Oncology Solutions Provider", best known for their innovations in IMRT and IGRT.  Their unique products include the Corvus®, Active Rx™, NomosSTAT™ Talon®, RTP Stepper Stablizer and Best™ Sonalis™ imaging system.

Best NDT - once known as Agiris, who specializes in the development of radioactive sources for nuclear medicine.

Huestis Medical - founded in 1920, Huestis began as an industrial plant, later to start manufacturing radiation therapy equipment in the '70s.  Now a dynamic global leader in the radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging markets, Huestis would only naturally become another member of TeamBest.

Arplay Medical - one of Best's European distributors and suppliers of medical products, based in southern France.

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